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Garlic 17 Jul, Karen sakas (USA - Zone 10a climate)
Trying to get an answer I’m in west palm beach Florida zone 10. I want to grow garlic. Can I?
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 01 Sep, Dorothy Spofford (USA - Zone 7a climate)
Growing up in Qld my Mum always made Rozella jam.While visiting the Botanical garden in Norfolk Va this summer I noticed a large thriving crop of Rozella. Where can I get the seeds to try and grow in Williamsburg.Va.
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 01 Sep, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
The online catalogue of lists roselle.
Cabbage 13 Sep, delroy curling (USA - Zone 10a climate)
How do you plant 10.000 cabbage seeds. Regards Delroy
Cabbage 15 Mar, Ana (Australia - temperate climate)
You and I are having the silimar way of stir-frying cabbage, just that I usually saute a few small dried shrimps (Chinese ingredients) before putting in the cabbage. To me, greens are almost a must when dinning at home. That is why I have got quite a couple of vegetable recipes on my blog though it is just started.
Asparagus 20 Sep, Natalie (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Love to roast them in the oven, lightly tossed with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 27 Sep, Don (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Can anyone offer advice on growing cape gooseberries on the Gulf Coast? I have seeds and I'm curious about when to plant them.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 19 Nov, Liz (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Don, you should be able to grow cape gooseberries most of the year on the Gulf Coast. Frost or drought will affect them but otherwise they like warm, humid weather.
Garlic 11 Nov, Gail Ceresia (USA - Zone 5a climate)
How deep shoul garlic be planted. Should I plant the cloves 6 inches deep or 2 inches deep?
Garlic 28 Sep, Joe Trzcinka (USA - Zone 5a climate)
I have had excellent luck planting just about 2 inches deep and 6 to 8 inches apart. I do cover with a few inches of chopped leaves or straw to protect from freeze
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 29 Nov, kistler insurance (Australia - arid climate)
Hey Kimberley, I doubt it?!? Kind regards, Heidi
Horseradish 13 Dec, Krystyna Clark (USA - Zone 7a climate)
It's 18 degress right now - tonight will be in single digets. Will stay that way for a week - can i still plant horseradish?
Horseradish 15 Jan, Debbie Schwitzer (USA - Zone 7a climate)
If it is celcius, then yes, otherwise, "Best planted at soil temperatures between 50°F and 77°F."
Celery 10 Feb, Becky S.R. (USA - Zone 5b climate)
I couldn't find Central/Plains region as we live in Kansas. Is it possible to grow celery in our area?
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 17 Feb, Cyrus (USA - Zone 8a climate)
I have been growing luffah for a few years now, and each season it doesn't fruit until the beginning of the fall and the last couple years I have lost all the fruit to the early freezes!
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 06 Apr, Pam (USA - Zone 5b climate)
Perhaps you could use a row cover. These work great to protect plants from frosts & insects.
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 17 Mar, Kim Davies (USA - Zone 5a climate)
I ate kumara everyday when visiting NZ and loved it! Because it was less sweet than USA sweet potatoes. I am craving it and need to find out how and if I can get seeds and grow it in Virginia? Would love your help on this!
Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) 19 Mar, Ray Wilson (USA - Zone 8a climate)
How soon can seedlings/sprouts be fertilized to encourage growth? The soil here on the desert is sandy and lacks nutrient. Planted seeds two weeks ago and plants are now 1 1/2 inches tall.
Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) 19 Mar, Ray Wilson (USA - Zone 8a climate)
Desert climate. Sun exposed parsley grows through fall, winter & spring. Will planting parsley in shaded area during summer/hot 110 degrees temperatures help or will the heat destroy plant? Geraniums will not normally survive the summer months in shade or sun exposure.
Watermelon 25 Mar, TERRY (USA - Zone 8b climate)
this will be my first time to try. i have a couple of old tires at home. my grandsons want to plant a garden. can i plant the cucumbers and watermelons in them.
Watermelon 18 Mar, Dann Ferrin (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Heck give it a try nothing gambeled nothing gained
Broccoli 28 Apr, Liz (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Amy (zipcode 22025). You sent us a lot of questions but I cannot answer you because you did not include an email address. Please send me your address if you would still like some answers? Liz
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 08 May, Bill (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Where can I buy Roseella seed or Plants?
Savory - summer savory (also 'Bean Herb') 17 May, Sharron (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Where do I find seed for savory?
Savory - summer savory (also 'Bean Herb') 07 Jun, (USA - Zone 7a climate)
Lots of places have savory seed for sale online. and have it.
Cucumber 14 Jun, Leslie Alderette (USA - Zone 10a climate)
Just wanted to find out why you should avoid planting cucumbers next to tomatoes.. I did just that before reading this. My plants are small so is it possible to move them? I just dont want to disturb their new area. Any feedback on this? Thanks so much. your website it terrific!
Cucumber 19 Jun, Michael Ouellette (Australia - arid climate)
My cukes were planted about a foot ( 30 cm ) away from my tomatoe plants this year.and my crop from both was unreal. The tomato plants acted as a trellis for the cukes. I could not keep up with the supply....
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 02 Jul, Jo Foster (USA - Zone 5a climate)
Runner beans are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other climbing beans, pole beans etc, I have recently moved from London to New York, where I have yet to meet anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Does anyone grow or sell them? Perhaps they are incredibly difficult. I understand they don't like heat. As far as i can see there are no slugs and snails here, since there are no holes in hostas. Perhaps I could even grow a lupin!!!
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 18 Jun, Terrie (USA - Zone 9a climate)
Are you still out there Jo? Did you find any runner beans? What is a runner bean? I love to learn about new things.
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 08 Sep, Nell (USA - Zone 5a climate)
Hi Jo, We have several varieties of Runners here in the US (including white half runner and pink half runner) that are usually dried then stored for over winter use. Maybe they are just more common in the mid-southern area of the US? The are my personal favorite bean. We absolutely have snails (smaller than you are used to ,I am sure) and slugs here, but it is drier here than London so they hide under rock and underground until it rains, or you can find them early in the morning if you have a heavy dew on.
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