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Tomato 20 Aug, Chris (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Local advice is to wait until Melbourne Cup day before planting out tomatoes or anything frost sensitive.
Silverbeet (also Swiss Chard or Mangold) 28 Aug, Peter HYde (Unknown climate)
Does anybody know where you can get seeds for these Mangolds
Tomato 30 Aug, Norman Genuis (Unknown climate)
Tomatoes - to prune or not to prune. Is the difference between the two just whether you want less quantity of fruit but in bigger size or more quantity with smaller size? Thanks.
Chicory (also Witloof, Belgian endive) 31 Aug, Ellen (Unknown climate)
Hi, I grew witloof two years ago in NZ cold/mountain climate with quite a success. I sew the seeds in spring and up rooted them in autumn to go into the dark. I got my seeds from KingSeeds and have another go this year. Brilliant website though, just what I was looking for. Thank you very much for setting it up. Keep up the good work. Cheers Ellen
Tomato 31 Aug, Chris Hutchinson (Unknown climate)
Clive Blazey in his Diggers Club book "The Australian Vegetable Garden" ( describes how they ran pruning trials and found that pruned plants produced much lower yields (25% in Tigeralla and 33% in Grosse Lisse compared to unpruned). They also found that pruning had no effect on the size of the fruit.
They did find that late pruning tended to produce larger fruit, but with greatly reduced yields.
Tomato 22 Dec, pat (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I pruned the leaves that turned yellow but the plant in now nearly leavelessr, although theres still tomatoes on it, should I pull it out and start again
Silverbeet (also Swiss Chard or Mangold) 02 Sep, Chris Hutchinson (Unknown climate)
If you are looking for mangold aka silverbeet, then you can find the seed at most nurseries and supermarkets. If you want the european mangold or sugarbeet then you could try an agricultural supplier.
Collards (also Collard greens, Borekale) 05 Sep, jimmy williams (Unknown climate)
Collards are good and tasty - a very good vegetable to plant.
Chicory (also Witloof, Belgian endive) 14 Sep, yvan garcia (Unknown climate)
i would like to grow witloof chicory i live in qld australia but i do not know how can you help? thankyou yvan
Chicory (also Witloof, Belgian endive) 07 Jun, Wendy Stone (Australia - tropical climate)
Yeah I just bought seedlings from Coles.. Now is the time to plant Yvan. All the best Wendy
Celeriac 06 Oct, Joan Horton (Unknown climate)
Where can I buy seeds to grow my own celeriac? I live in outskirts of Melbourne outer south east .
Cauliflower 19 Oct, Pat Milliken (Unknown climate)
Is the curd still edible once it has become discoloured?
Cucumber 03 Nov, Bronwyn (Unknown climate)
do cucumbers grow along the ground or do they need to be staked
Cucumber 04 Nov, Chris (Unknown climate)
I've had success growing cucumbers across straw. In contact with the soil they often seem to rot or get ravaged by slugs. You can try companion-planting with sweetcorn, using the growing corn stems as living supports. Plant cucumber seedlings next to the corn when the corn reaches 20 cm or so.
Celeriac 25 Nov, Chefgardener (Unknown climate)
I found celeriac seeds at [email protected]
Tomato 28 Nov, Judy Ramsey (Unknown climate)
I had some success last year with planting the lateral shoots taken off the main plant (put in water for a few days until roots develop). Great site - very useful
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 07 Dec, Sally (Unknown climate)
do you know why my leaves are turning black and falling off my capsicum plant
Beetroot (also Beets) 08 Dec, Tim (Unknown climate)
If growing by seed, always plant in two's. beetroot dont always sprout up.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 09 Dec, Kirsten (Unknown climate)
I am having trouble with rot on my zucchini as soon as the vegetable starts to develop. Do you have any ideas.
Tomato 16 Dec, Liz Hutchinson (Unknown climate)
Spray tomatoes with copper at least once a fortnight. If the weather is humid and/wet spray weekly to prevent blight. Organic gardeners can use copper. Also mulch well and keep up the deep watering during dry spells.
Carrot 16 Dec, Liz Hutchinson (Unknown climate)
If you want repeat crops, try to use another part of your garden to prevent carrot fly infestation.
Salsify (also Vegetable oyster) 19 Dec, Mallee Ward (Unknown climate)
I tried salsify as a child, and loved it. Have not seen or heard of it for 45 years, can one buy seeds?
Cucumber 23 Dec, Tzard (Unknown climate)
Make sure you don't water the leaves only the stem to avoid mould and the plant rotting. When on stakes.
Kale (also Borecole) 25 Dec, jacki (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Even though I currently reside in Brisbane, I would like to know where I can purchase some kale seeds for planting. The temps here may not be cold enough for kale, but I would like to give it a go because it is such a nutritious vegetable. Thanks Jacki
Silverbeet (also Swiss Chard or Mangold) 02 Jan, jim kitis (Unknown climate)
the best variety of silverbeet is the fordhook giant as it takes a very long time to go to seed. i planted 200 in my marktet garden and i used eco vital folair spray on them and was harvesting from them for over 2 years before i moved and the new oeners still have some left a year after i shifted.
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 02 Jan, jim kitis (Unknown climate)
sally have you done a complete nutrient analysis on your soil? a lot of capsicum plants have leaves that go dark but with them going black and falling off it may be something simple as lackign a trace element. also is your ph spot on? kindest regards jimbo
Collards (also Collard greens, Borekale) 07 Jan, Murray Crawford (Unknown climate)
Can you tell me where i can buy collard greens seeds or plants in Australia?
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 08 Jan, daniel (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
sally,i have approx 30-40 chilli plants which most are fruiting really well,but i have recently added 12 mexican chilli plants to my garden and they seem to having the same problem as yours.they are planted in containers and i always use the same fertilizers and potting mix as i know it works well on my existing plants.the new plants have almost become plastic like and the new growth at the top of the plant has become stunted-plant still is green and healthy looking though? i live in brisbane and we recently got a lot of rain followed by pretty extreme sunny hot days. also,can anyone advise me on knowing when your chillis are ready for picking,as all the seeds i used for my plants are from red chillis and i seem to have a lot of green fruit that has been on the plants for a few weeks going on a month.i would hat to waste them as i have had a few drop off which i have cut up and put in a jar of good olive oil-a awesome italian oil trick i got from a mates mother from italy-she provided me with my sedds.
Cauliflower 12 Jan, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
The cauliflower curd is edible if it is slightly yellowed. It will have a stronger flavour, not always acceptable. Sunlight causes discolouration and this is worse in warmer climates.
Beetroot (also Beets) 12 Jan, Liz (Australia - tropical climate)
Keep well watered in dry spells or else they get "woody" ie hard.
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