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Planting in November - Gardenate

Marrow Sow seed
Strawberry Plants Plant out (transplant) seedlings

Planning for December

Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) Sow seed
Beans - dwarf (also French beans, Bush beans) Sow seed
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) Sow seed
Dill Sow seed
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) Sow seed
Marrow Sow seed
Tomato Sow seed

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Recent Comments

  • 24 Nov - Charmaine
    Is rhubarb ready to eat when the stalks are still green? Our plant is a few months old.
    in Rhubarb
  • 24 Nov - Jack McLeod
    I live in Salem, just outside Grahamstown, summer rainfall and cold winters. Could I grow artichokes.
    in Artichokes (Globe)
  • 24 Nov - Ruth
    Your flowers are possibly not pollinated and will nnot mature. Pick a male flower, strip back the petals and tickle the female flowers with it and you should get mature fruit
    in Pumpkin
  • 24 Nov - Sarah Browne
    Someone is eating my radish leaves. Tiny pinprick holes. Any advice?
    in Radish
  • 24 Nov - Anonymous
    It has a suggested growing time, like 17 weeks, you could count back from Xmas.
    in Brussels sprouts
  • 24 Nov -
    Needs warm climtes.
    in Ginger
  • 24 Nov - Anonymous
    Hill the soil up around the bottom stem when about 10 (what?)
    in Beans - dwarf

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