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Planting in Canada - Zone 2b Sub-Arctic regions

Planting in June - Gardenate

Beans - broad beans, fava beans (also Fava bean) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) Sow seed
Beans - dwarf (also French beans, Bush beans) Sow seed
Beetroot (also Beets) Sow seed
Brussels sprouts Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Cabbage Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Carrot Sow seed
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Chinese cabbage (also Wong bok, wong nga pak, napa cabbage) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Chives (also Garden chives) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Coriander (also Cilantro, Chinese parsley) Sow seed
Corn Salad (also Lamb's lettuce or Mache) Sow seed
Cucumber Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Dill Sow seed
Kohlrabi Sow seed
Lettuce Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Mint (also Garden mint) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Mizuna (also Japanese Greens, Mitzuna, Mibuna) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Mustard greens (also gai choy) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Onion Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Oregano (also Pot Marjoram) Sow seed
Pak Choy (also Pak choi) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Parsley (also curly leaf parsley or flat leaf (Italian) parsley) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Parsnip Sow seed
Peas Sow seed
Potato Plant seed potatoes
Pumpkin Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Radish Sow seed
Rhubarb Plant crowns
Rocket (also Arugula/Rucola) Sow seed
Rockmelon (also Canteloupe) Sow seed
Rutabaga (also Swedes) Plant out (transplant) seedlings or sow seed
Savory - summer savory (also 'Bean Herb') Sow seed
Silverbeet (also Swiss Chard or Mangold) Sow seed
Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) Sow seed
Spinach (also English spinach) Sow seed
Spring onions (also Scallions, Bunching onions, Welsh onion) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Squash (also Crookneck, Pattypan, Summer squash) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Strawberries (from seeds) Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Strawberry Plants Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Sweet corn (also maize) Sow seed
Tomato Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Turnip Plant out (transplant) seedlings
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) Plant out (transplant) seedlings

Planning for July

Carrot Sow seed
Collards (also Collard greens, Borekale) Sow seed
Corn Salad (also Lamb's lettuce or Mache) Sow seed
Garlic Plant cloves
Kale (also Borecole) Sow seed
Lettuce Sow seed
Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) Sow seed

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  • 17 Jun - Susan Du Plooy
    I want to start growing ginger .... near Bronkhorstspruit Gauteng
    in Ginger
  • 17 Jun - Liz Goldsworthy
    Hi, does anyone know where i can buy Yakon tubers from?
    in Yacon
  • 17 Jun - joe graham
    as with my egg plant my zucchinis are still producing most times 3 from each plant every 3 days'they are the blackjack variety. the seed was planted first week of December. whats happening is c...
    in Zucchini
  • 17 Jun - joe graham
    just a question my egg plant is still producing fruit. i live an hour north of Sydney. its the middle of June.its flowering like crazy and has about 10 on it ranging in size from tennis ball size ...
    in Eggplant
  • 16 Jun - Lois
    Thanks Liz. Gail, if you have time to keep in touch, my email is [email protected] Thank you
    in Sage
  • 16 Jun - Lois
    Hi Gail, i'd be interested in hearing about your white sage growing. Hopefully my email address is visible t you! Cheers, Lois (Gardenate doesn't show email addresses unless they are part of t...
    in Sage
  • 16 Jun - Judy Budgen
    Full grown rosella bushes looking very healthy, and then suddenly wilting and dying for no visable reason. They were just starting to flower and some very starting to set fruit. Any help would be ...
    in Rosella

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