Growing Beans - dwarf, also French beans, Bush beans

Phaseolus vulgaris : Fabaceae / the pea or legume family

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(Best months for growing Beans - dwarf in USA - Zone 5a regions)

  • P = Sow seed
  • Easy to grow. Sow in garden. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 16°C and 30°C. (Show °F/in)
  • Space plants: 5 - 15 cm apart
  • Harvest in 7-10 weeks. Pick often to encourage more flower production.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Sweetcorn, spinach, lettuce, summer savory, dill, carrots, brassicas, beets, radish, strawberry and cucumbers, tagates minuta (wild marigold)
  • Avoid growing close to: Alliums (Chives, leek, garlic, onions) Sunflower
  • A dwarf bean seedling
  • Bush/Dwarf beans

Traditionally sown in rows, dwarf beans also grow well 'broadcast' or scattered over an area. Just scatter the seed (don't worry about the odd ones which are close up). Cover with soil, potting mix, or compost and firm down with the back of a spade or rake. Grown this way the beans will mostly shade out competing weeds and 'self-mulch'.

Keep watered and watch for shield bugs and green caterpillars Pick the beans regularly to encourage new flowers. Flowering will slow right down if you let the beans get too large (hard and stringy) on the plants. For a continuous crop, plant more seed as soon as the previous planting starts to flower. Protect against snails and slugs - they will completely destroy newly sprouted beans, and will eat the leaves off grown plants.

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Beans - dwarf

Can be used in salads when young, blanched and cooled.
Will freeze well.

Your comments and tips

14 Jan 09, Diane (Australia - temperate climate)
My beans are dying and I don't know why. i suspect it is something in the soil. Can you help me please
04 Mar 09, bob kamp (New Zealand - temperate climate)
what is the best soil to use.
08 Mar 09, Kim Wes (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Are dwarf beans the same as french beans, as I cant find any useful information of dwarf beans. Such as scientific name and just general information. Thanks,
10 Mar 09, Barb (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
My beans this summer have been attacked badly by mites (two spotted mite, bean mite and now broad mite as well - I checked with a microscope). after cropping really well at first, they've turned into a disaster. I've pulled most of them up, and the remaining ones I've sprayed with eco-oil, and I have my fingers crossed they'll come good again. Diane, maybe this is what yours are suffering from - it's been a really rugged season.
13 Apr 09, Simone (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Last year I went to France and enjoyed the most gorgeous green beans everywhere we went - they looked just like the ones we buy here but they were sooooooo tender and sweet. Does anyone have any suggestions on what variety they might be and where I could buy seeds from locally - thanks for your help :) PS: I am a newbie at gardening but loving it!!
15 May 09, Chucky N (Australia - tropical climate)
hi bobby kamp, how are you? the best soil to use in NZ is pot peat mulch it is avaliable in all major (garden) shops in Wellington. have a fantastic afternoon, my friend
24 Oct 09, dani (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
why are my bean plants going yellow?
27 Oct 09, Liz (sent in by David) (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Dani, check for mineral deficiencies. Are you using compost or chicken manure which hasn't completely matured? That can cause nitrogen deficiency and yellow leaves.
18 Jan 10, jim (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
my beans are getting eaten by something i have no idea what can someone please tell wahat it is eating them?
19 Jan 10, Tam (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
JIM- slaters and the leaf left like lacework ?
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Plant in rows. Plant and water well then don't water for 3-4 days. Then lightly. Leave until they germinate.

- Anonymous

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