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Ginger 01 Dec, Sue Spencer (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I m trying to grow some store-bought ginger suspended over water half in and half out. It has some nice looking knobs but so far has not sprouted after almost 2 months. Should I give up or put it in the ground or just cook it. Haha.
Asparagus Pea (also Winged bean) 01 Dec, Ron (Australia - temperate climate)
Can I grow winged beans in Melbourne
Garlic 29 Nov, John McKeen (Australia - tropical climate)
Can I grow garlic ( and ginger ) in Darwin- currently it gets from 25- 35 degrees ( in the shade ) humidity 100% - Oct ( wet season- late December the rains come if we are lucky. — Dry season is March and from April to Oct about average 18 degrees at night 28 day - humidity about av 50-60%. If so what varieties and where can I buy them ? Thanks John
Leeks 28 Nov, doug williams (USA - Zone 7a climate)
What is the best leek variety for zone 7 in Alabama?
Potato 28 Nov, Louise (Australia - temperate climate)
Is it too now too late to plant potatoes on a bag in southern highlands? Cant seem to find seed potatoes will organic do? Thanks
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 27 Nov, John Ingham (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
How to bag capsicums to prevent fruit fly infestation. eg individual bagging or by the branch,
Brussels sprouts 27 Nov, Donald Herster Green (USA - Zone 6b climate)
when to put out brussel sprout transplants in zone 6b
Collards (also Collard greens, Borekale) 27 Nov, Mary Ann Wright (Australia - temperate climate)
Where can I purchase Collard Green seeds in Australia . Thank- you
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 25 Nov, Mike Fishlock (United Kingdom - cool/temperate climate)
When do I sow Rozella seeds in UK
Yacon (also Sunroot) 24 Nov, Diane (Canada - Zone 6a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
Hello, does anyone know where to buy Yacon tubers in Canada? I live in Markham Ontario, thanks
Choko/Chayote (also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton) 24 Nov, Beeve (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Where can we actually get a choko, to grow
Strawberries (from seeds) 23 Nov, Henry Badenhorst (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
Can you please provide info on FARMING with strawberries. Thank you. Regards. Henry (Gardenate is not farming info. -it is for home gardens, try agricultural advisers)
Sweet corn (also corn,maize) 20 Nov, Pam Thies (USA - Zone 9b climate)
Zone 9b can corn be started in ghse. and transplanted into outside raised bed?
Onion 19 Nov, Graham Hoorzuk (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Advice on how to grow tomatoes and lettuce in Durban
Ginger 18 Nov, Dee (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Can you grow ginger from shop bought ginger in the supermarket?
Garlic 18 Nov, Mairlyn (USA - Zone 8a climate)
I read that I should place my garlic in the refrigerator for 7 to 8 weeks before planting. I read this after the fact. How will no refrigeration prior to planting effect my results?
Shallots (also Eschalots) 16 Nov, Gloria (Australia - temperate climate)
I planted about a dozen shallot bulbs 3 months ago in a slightly raised bed in partial shade Waited for them to start flowering then died back. Today I dug them up and they had not developed shallots. Is this overwatering we had had lots of heavy rain during this period or do they need more sun
Shallots (also Eschalots) 17 Nov, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I have grown shallots for 40 years and I had problems this year when it rained a lot. The tops were wet a lot and died back and the bulbs never developed. They were in good free draining red soil in Bundaberg. Shallots grow best in good rich friable soil. I start planting in March and usually pick the last by late Oct. If you want to eat the stem bulb pick before they start flowering. I have sold a lot of mature bulbs to people who use them in sauces. In the cooler months they stay like a spring onion longer, but in the warmer/hotter weather they go to bulbs quicker. Plenty of sun.
Brussels sprouts 16 Nov, brian hoare (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
When is a good time to grow brussels sprouts in cool climate from seeds to avoid hot weather?
Brussels sprouts 17 Nov, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Check the planting guide here for your climate zone.
Dill 14 Nov, Pamela Rudolph (New Zealand - temperate climate)
What type of soil is best for growing Dill?
Kale (also Borecole) 12 Nov, Caleb (USA - Zone 7b climate)
When do you harvest kale?
Kale (also Borecole) 18 Nov, Ruth A Hersh (USA - Zone 9a climate)
Anytime it looks good to you, start harvesting the outer leaves, they will keep growing more from the inside. I over harvest mine sometimes, just leaving a few baby leaves coming out of the top, & they still keep coming,
Kale (also Borecole) 15 Nov, Anonymous (USA - Zone 4a climate)
Read the notes here about when to harvest.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 12 Nov, rodney (Australia - temperate climate)
Planted shallots mid August are about 60cms high and flowering, are they ready for harvest
Shallots (also Eschalots) 15 Nov, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
yes - try and pick just before the go to seed.
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 12 Nov, (Australia - temperate climate)
will my climbing beans flower again when the possum eats all the flowers
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 08 Nov, Carol (USA - Zone 9a climate)
I bought 5 tubers from Amazon, they're huge, about 4" wide! Can I cut them to make more plantings? Also, it says to plant in February, how do I store then until then? Don't want them to rot!
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 18 Nov, Ruth A Hersh (USA - Zone 9a climate)
Store them in a pot of dry dirt. Cut them a cpl days before planting to allow the cut to scab over. best if you can dip wet cut in wood ash so that insects dont find it attractive.
Potato 08 Nov, Peter Chapman (Australia - temperate climate)
My potatos have come on very nicely. I just started digging them for new potatoes. Wife did some with parsley garlic and butter - delicious. Now my question is how long can I leave my potatoes in the ground after the tops dry off. We live in a Retirement Village which has lovely large veg plots. We do not have a lot of room to store spuds. Cheers Pete
Showing 1 - 30 of 18664 comments
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