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Tomato 23 Sep, Alex (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi there, can you please tell me what the best fertiliser to use on my tomatoes and how often, Kind regards Alex..
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 23 Sep, Vicki (USA - Zone 9b climate)
Can I plant loofa seeds in Oct.
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 23 Sep, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Check on this page
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 23 Sep, Elizabeth Gower (USA - Zone 10b climate)
Where can I get Kumara in the USA? I live in Southern Ventura County, Southern California and would like to grow some.
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 23 Sep, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
You probably need to look for sweet potato
Spinach (also English spinach) 21 Sep, Krish Singh (South Africa - Humid sub-tropical climate)
Can Spinach be grown successfully in areas where there is only a dry and a wet season. I see Swiss Chard grown, here.
Sunflower 20 Sep, Anita (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
When is the best time to plant giant sunflowers in the Southern Highlands, NSW?
Beetroot (also Beets) 20 Sep, Gordon Slocombe (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi I have grown some really good size beetroot over the years but sometimes they grow like carrots why is this
Eggplant (also Aubergine) 20 Sep, John W Taylor (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
I left my eggplant in the ground over winter in Auckland. It really doesn't get that cold up here even in winter. The leaves dropped off and the stalks are still green in mid Sept. I trimmed the dead wood back. Will it come back?
Yam/Oka (also Oca) 18 Sep, ERIK (Australia - temperate climate)
I live in Hobart Tasmania, I saw the OCA at Hill Street Grocer and decided to try it i liked what i tried and went back and bought a couple of kilo 1 kilo to eat and the other to let chit and then i will plant it out. I know it isn't seed quality but it was grown in Tasmania so expect it will be ok to plant, I was unable to purchase OCA seed. Hope this helps. PS The OCA was only available at the West Hobart shop at the time and i haven't seen at the others.
Ginger 17 Sep, Partap singh (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
i would like to know that is Griffith NSW is good area to Grow ginger please.
Ginger 18 Sep, (Australia - temperate climate)
No you need warm temps for it.
Celeriac 16 Sep, Michelle Tanner (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I grew wonderful celeriac in Kent,UK on limestone soil but here in the Waikato I have much less success. If they grow at all they are much smaller (golf to tennis ball rather than the small football sized ones from before). I am going to give it one last go this year, trying a variety of sizes and will feed and water like mad!
Celeriac 17 Sep, (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Buy a cheap pH tester. If you have heavy soil, lighten it up a bit with sand or compost. Start with with good rich soil and MAYBE a light fert when plants are 8 weeks old. DON
Celeriac 18 Sep, (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Don't over fert or water it. 3 good waterings a week is enough.
Celeriac 16 Sep, Liz (New Zealand - temperate climate)
The answer might be in your soil. It would be worth testing to see how acid it is . Most NZ soils tend towards acidity. Your limestone soil in Kent was more alkaline than acid.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 15 Sep, Skip Still (USA - Zone 7b climate)
When and how much sun for Jerusalem artichoke bulb? When to plant. Other recommendations (Gardenate : Check here Artichokes?zone=114 )
Squash (also Crookneck, Pattypan, Summer squash) 14 Sep, David Robson (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Advice of growing Japanese squash
Squash (also Crookneck, Pattypan, Summer squash) 15 Sep, Anon (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I suggest you read as much as you can. That will give you clues when to plant and harvest.
Sage (also Common Sage) 13 Sep, Lionel (USA - Zone 6b climate)
Can I grow Sage herb in my out door garden which is in a Zone 6b region?? Is so, can I grow all the different types of Sage in this Zone region??
Sage (also Common Sage) 15 Sep, (USA - Zone 11a climate)
Yes and yes.
Sage (also Common Sage) 14 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 6b climate)
Read the notes here about growing sage. Generally when they tell you to plant something it covers all varieties. Sometimes there are early mid and late season varieties of a plants, and sometimes varieties for summer and winter (like lettuce).
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 13 Sep, Adrienne (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
Can you plant an whole kumera in a container and get a crop?
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 14 Sep, Anonymous (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Yes you can but you don't need a whole kumera, a piece of vine will do. A piece about 30-60cm long of the new vine growth. Place in a trench with the tip sticking out of the soil, water twice a day for the first 2-3 weeks.
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 17 Sep, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Or depending on how big the spud is, cut it into several pieces and let them dry in the sun for a few days then plant them.
Choko/Chayote (also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton) 12 Sep, Lois (Australia - temperate climate)
Can anyone please tell if chokos you buy in a supermarket will grow and produce fruit. Thank you
Choko/Chayote (also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton) 14 Sep, (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 11 Sep, Rodney Lewis (Australia - temperate climate)
Does the Inca berry tolerate lower temperatures throughout winter and frosts Being a perennial will it continue to grow and produce through the colder months
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 14 Sep, Anonymous (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
If you can grow in a cool/mountain climate then it will tolerate winter temps. A perennial will generally have a growing time ,a fruiting time and a quiet time (winter).
Cauliflower 10 Sep, Elizabeth (Australia - tropical climate)
I live in Nigeria. I love cauliflower so much and I am very interested in growing it in my house garden, is there any advice I can get to grow it?
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