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Watermelon 10 Dec, mahlatsi j mokone (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
I plant my carolinacross watermelon on 20nvember 2017 it ryte time or wat?
Beetroot (also Beets) 09 Dec, Kenneth Chagunda (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
thanks John for reply for your on beet root diseases
Pumpkin 09 Dec, Cheryl (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
We have both jap and butternut pumpkins growing but seem to only have male flowers. Do we pull them out and start again. There is plenty of male flowers
Pumpkin 11 Dec, Gary (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi Cheryl, pumpkins and the like start off with plenty of male flowers, so that when the female flowers form (which should be any time now) there are plenty of male flowers to be able to pollinate them. When the pumpkin runners get to about 3 meters pinch out the tips and they will put out more runners thus giving more crop. Cheers Gary
Pumpkin 11 Dec, Michelle (Australia - arid climate)
Usually the first flowers on a plant are male - be patient! These are used to pollinate the female flowers that will form shortly.
Watermelon 09 Dec, Sarah Gumede (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
I am in Nkomazi around Nelspruit and I want to plant watermelon. Today is the 10 of December. Where can I get them meaning the seeds. I would like to have the seedless type. Can I still plant them
Broccoli 08 Dec, Kenneth Chagunda (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
what type of pesticides are used on the plants and what type of fertilizer should be applied too.thanks
Beetroot (also Beets) 08 Dec, Kenneth Chagunda (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
.1.what type of pesticides should be applied to beet roots if attached by pests. 2.what type of fertilizer if any is recommended to be applied to the plants.
Cucumber 08 Dec, john shsnahan (Australia - temperate climate)
Check for Red spider they love cucumber
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 08 Dec, Sue (Australia - tropical climate)
My rosella bush leaves are being eaton by something I can't see anything on them but it is leaving small holes in them. What is a safe spray to use on the rosella bushes.
Garlic 08 Dec, Ryan (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, I have recently harvested my garlic and was wondering if it is possible to freeze at least 2 bulbs to plant again next year?
Garlic 08 Dec, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I would just let them dry out for a week or so and then store in a cool dry area.
Potato 08 Dec, PATRICK FOLEY (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Hi I would love to get some of those Maori potatoes any chance ?
Rocket (also Arugula/Rucola) 07 Dec, Bev (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Why did my rocket go straight to flower and seed after planting
Rocket (also Arugula/Rucola) 10 Dec, Hamsa (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
When it gets hot, rocket goes to seeds, collect the seeds when they dry and sow them in autumn and you will have rocket in autumn, winter and spring
Rocket (also Arugula/Rucola) 08 Dec, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Probably to do with the season (end of growing season). I have had coriander growing for the last 6-8 weeks or so - it receives plenty of water and the soil is fertile and it is going to seed now. Some plants only have a short life. Maybe plant it earlier next year.
Parsnip 07 Dec, Gary Hughes (Australia - temperate climate)
Is it possible to grow parsnips in the north of Thailand
Parsnip 08 Dec, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Try and grow it in the cooler time of the year. Google growing parsnips in Thailand.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 07 Dec, Leanne (Australia - temperate climate)
I live in wa and found some shriveled up chokes at my local iga. I planted them and thought they had died but eventually they popped up and grew. I planted out all the tubers the next year and kept expanding my crop.That was 3 years ago. This year I have planted close to 200 tubers and gave away many more. They grow well here, just need to keep them watered in summer and you will be rewarded. To store them I layer the chokes with coarse sand in a bucket with a lid and give them a spray of water if the sand gets really dry. I am happy to share them if you live in perth.
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 06 Dec, Bob (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Do i need to stake capsicum
Rhubarb 04 Dec, Manfred (Australia - temperate climate)
I have a rhubarb plant and the leaves are turning yellow and red, what is wrong here.
Rhubarb 05 Dec, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Try and work out if you have the green leaf or the yellow leaf variety.
Rhubarb 04 Dec, Geoff (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
My rhubarb has been doing very well for a few years, just north of Sydney, in raised beds. I split them up last year and they have produced heaps of stems. In late November the leaves became dark and hard and crinkled - but stems look OK. I can't find any disease that would cause this. Is it disaster? I have kept water up to them, and the soil was well manured when I replanted them.
Rhubarb 05 Dec, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Did you have any really hot dry days - like a dry hot NW wind. This could/would burn them.
Mustard greens (also gai choy) 04 Dec, Albert Nhlanhla (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Where can I get mustard greens seeds in Durban
Onion 04 Dec, andrew heaps (New Zealand - temperate climate)
hi,my onions have thick stalks just above the onions them that normal?and if not what is the remedy?
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 04 Dec, Robert (Australia - temperate climate)
I have 2 plants that are growing well, I have one zucchini that matured,but now the small fruit are turning yellow before the flowers open and fall off. Any advice please.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 08 Dec, Fred (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Mix one cup of milk to 2 litters of water and put 2 cups of the mixture into the base of each plant. And you need to use this lime sprinkle two hand full around the base of the plant before watering.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 08 Dec, Fred (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Dolomite lime. It's a good source of calcium. For some reason the link in my previous reply was deleted.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 05 Dec, Meg (Australia - temperate climate)
Mine are doing the same. From past experience I know that no fertilisation is taking place. Unfortunately the flowers are remaining closed so you can't even do it yourself!
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