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Garlic 20 Sep, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Plant around mid -late June.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 15 Sep, DAVID FIELD (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
French tarragon 15 Sep, Donna Daniels (USA - Zone 5a climate)
I got a cutting in June. It's in my raised bed garden. The nights are cooli ng down. Should I put it in a pot and put it in the cellar? Do I stop watering it for a few months? Thank you.
Garlic 13 Sep, Deborah Quay (USA - Zone 8a climate)
I'm in zone 7b/8a. When should I plant garlic and what are the best types to plant in my zone?
Garlic 19 Sep, (USA - Zone 8a climate)
Best to plant in February/March
Sunflower 12 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 7a climate)
I live in Northern California mountains. Zone 7a. Can I allow mammoth sunflower seeds to drop in fall to winterize before spring?
Sunflower 14 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Maybe you would pick them and store them.
Watermelon 12 Sep, Zakes (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Hi. I'm staying in Roodepoort, West of Johannesburg. I'd like to find out what type of watermelons that I can plant in this area. Secondly, what are the biggest and sweetest watermelon type that are suitable for the climate conditions of Roodepoort?. Kind regards Zakes Mahlangu Cell: 082 866 0937 (WhatsApp and Voice)
Watermelon 14 Sep, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Might be best to pick a variety you like.
Rhubarb 11 Sep, Candace Norman (Canada - Zone 2a Sub-Arctic climate)
Planted from nursery stock this year. No flower/seed stalks apparent, do I pull or cut fruit stalks then mulch over for winter?
Brussels sprouts 10 Sep, Janna Wallace (USA - Zone 8b climate)
I’m planting Brussel sprouts now from seed in zone 8B for the first time, any suggestions?
Brussels sprouts 14 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Plant in Feb as the guide says.
Garlic 09 Sep, Mario Dalli (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Can a small complete bulb of garlic be replanted to grow larger in the next growing season.
Garlic 22 Sep, Faith Celeste Archer (Canada - Zone 5a Temperate Warm Summer climate)
Certainly, BUT GENERALLY you break your bulb apart into it's constituent CLOVES and plant each clove separately. That is, each clove becomes a garlic plant.
Garlic 14 Sep, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Daikon (also Japanese radish, Lo Bok) 08 Sep, Tom (USA - Zone 9b climate)
What is the best variety of daikon to grow in zone 9b ?
Daikon (also Japanese radish, Lo Bok) 14 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Any variety.
Onion 08 Sep, enie (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
is there onion variety that you can grow around November in south africa
Onion 14 Sep, Anonymous (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
Check the planting guide - Dec onwards.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 08 Sep, Betsy Teo (Australia - temperate climate)
Can I buy the jeruselem artichokes in Victoria Market.
Jerusalem Artichokes (also Sunchoke) 14 Sep, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Melbourne markets yes
Sage (also Common Sage) 07 Sep, Nora (USA - Zone 10a climate)
The plant that you describe fits the description of garden sage which is commonly used in stuffing and poultry seasoning.
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 07 Sep, Alka (USA - Zone 7b climate)
Can we plant okra now
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 11 Sep, Anonymous (USA - Zone 7b climate)
Best to wait until next March/April to plant.
Burdock (also Gobo (Japanese Burdock)) 07 Sep, Allan (Australia - temperate climate)
When I was a boy growing up in England we had a lovely drink called 'dandelion and burdock.' but I have never seen it in Australia. As you show how to grow burdock in your email, maybe you could comment on this wonderful drink. Have a nice day people, Allan.
Rosella (also Queensland Jam Plant, Roselle) 06 Sep, Wendy Paterson (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
If anyone is looking for Roselle/Rosella seed in South Africa go to livingseeds online store.
Pumpkin 05 Sep, Anne (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Any suggestions for pumpkin fly? They are rampant here.
Pumpkin 06 Sep, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Yellow sticky card board - buy from bunnings or the internet.
Watermelon 05 Sep, Babsie (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
What makes watermelons to be sugarless
Taro (also Dasheen, cocoyam) 03 Sep, Mncedisi (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
When is it the right time to grow taro roots is pietermaritzburg
Showing 31 - 60 of 19334 comments
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