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Celeriac 16 Jan, Ruth Newbury-Swash (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Would like to try growing celeriac, I live on the Whangaparaoa Pen., Auckland, wonder if it would grow here or if wrong climate? Also, if ok, which variety would grow best trying to lose weight and read celeriace chips better diet option than potatoes? Many thanks, Ruth.
Watermelon 16 Jan, (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Can anyone give details of how to prune runners/vines of watermelons to achieve better fruit in Canterbury? I was told quite a few years ago that this is a good method in colder climates to encourage better fruit and good ripening.
Chicory (also Witloof, Belgian endive) 16 Jan, Wilbur van Wyk (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
I live in Pretoria and want to know where i can purchase witloof seeds I will appreciate any information Regards Wilbur
Taro (also Dasheen, cocoyam) 15 Jan, F.rahman (South Africa - Humid sub-tropical climate)
Currently I'm in upington how can I get taro plant. Kind regards F.rahman
Leeks 15 Jan, pheello (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
Where can I buy leek plant. As vegetable. Please list shops that sells leek
Taro (also Dasheen, cocoyam) 15 Jan, (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Hi are we allowed to take raw taro to Australia?
Onion 15 Jan, PAUL DZIADULEWICZ (Australia - temperate climate)
Onion 16 Jan, John Mauger (Australia - temperate climate)
Hello Paul. There could be a number of reasons for your problem. 1. Are the onions ripe? When onions are ready for harvest the tops will have died off and will be lying flat on the ground. 2. Were they 'salad' or 'long keeping' onions? Salad onions are flat and very mild flavoured. What was the variety and its description? Brown or White Spanish onions are much hotter than mild varieties such as' Creamgold' or' Pukekohe'. This may not solve the problem for your current crop but trust it will give you some answers for the next one.
Ginger 14 Jan, Shylock mhangwani (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
i in Limpopo in giyani i want to know if giyani has the right climate to grow ginger
Pumpkin 13 Jan, noluthando (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
I have grown some butternut and its already big in size im not sure if i should harvest or not.what should i look for before harvesting.the same goes for pumpkin its already size of a ball.its so hard and green on the outside
Pumpkin 15 Jan, Andile (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
Hi you know what Noluthando every crop takes 4 months to be ready, the first day you plant you must write down and count the days from day of planting and you will be able to know when to harvest, even the leaves show you when its time to harvest, they get dry from 3-4 months.
Tomato 13 Jan, Penny (Australia - temperate climate)
Is it too late to plant a Roma tomato plant now? Ta
Tomato 16 Jan, John Mauger (Australia - temperate climate)
Roma tomatoes need about two and a half months from planting to harvest, so if you planted some now you would have them ready by late March. You should scrape in before any frosts. If they are still bearing and frosts are imminent pull the whole plant out (including the roots) and hang it up by in a sheltered place where the remaining tomatoes will continue to ripen. The worst case scenario would be to make green tomato pickles at the end of the season. Trust this helps.
Lettuce 12 Jan, mark Hutton (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
i have just reaped lettuce from my veg garden today. i live in the merrivale area of kzn. it is very hot in somer and garden is north facing. produced a 1.209 kg plant with its roots. difficult to do at this time of year. used madumbi sustainable agriculture products and watered down compost. 100% organic no residues.
Parsley (also curly leaf parsley or flat leaf (Italian) parsley) 11 Jan, Robert Anderson (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Does soaking the seeds help with germination?
Ginger 11 Jan, Marion (Australia - temperate climate)
I'm trying to grow ginger for the first time in a greenhouse. The first shoot appeared about two weeks before Christmas. I have now realised the pot may be too shallow as it simplanted in about 25 cm of soil. Is it possible to transplant it to a deeper pot? How deep should the pot be?
Ginger 12 Jan, Anna (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I found growing ginger to be most successful in a polystyrene box. It worked very well. I kept the box on the back porch and gave it plenty of water.
Tomato 11 Jan, Sandra (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, I got about 5 varieties of tomatoes growing and they are all doing great and tasting fantastic! And totally organic as only problem is that I am sharing my delicious fruit with these big fat green caterpillars I end up throwing a lot away.......would you have an idea what I could do to get rid of them? A non-chemical solution if possible.... Thank you :)
Tomato 16 Jan, John (Australia - temperate climate)
I don't like to recommend particular brands but Yates Natures Way is an organically safe control for your caterpillars. It is harmless to pets, chooks, humans, etc. only affecting chewing pests. The caterpillar could subsequently be eaten by a bird with zero side effects. Trust this helps.
Taro (also Dasheen, cocoyam) 11 Jan, Taro (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Hi I was wondering what would be the most suitable variety of taro to plant in nz in any of the sub-tropical regions? Cheers
Taro (also Dasheen, cocoyam) 13 Jan, Graeme (Australia - temperate climate)
Japanese taro does really well in port macquarie and it is a nice looking large leafed plant in slightly shadier situations. The round tubers are delicious and a nice size, smalle than other taro but delicious.
Tomato 10 Jan, Winnie (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
It's probably too hot at the moment that's why the leaves looks crimped and blossoms is not opening. Try to give your tomato plant some shade and water them twice a day. Once the temperature cools down a bit, you should see an improvement. My tomato plant is doing ok so far with the daytime temperature up to 34C but they are growing very slowly due to the heat.
Pumpkin 10 Jan, Jen (Australia - temperate climate)
When is the best time to plant pumpkins in Warrill View - near Ipswich please. Would it be too hot now?
Pumpkin 16 Jan, John (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Pumpkins could be planted up until February providing you don't get frosts. Plants take up to 4 months to mature so work out when you are likely to have a frost, if any. Unripe pumpkins do not keep so if you get caught make pumpkin soup or shred them into batch quantities as you would for Zucchini Muffins or Slice and freeze them for later use. Trust this helps.
Sweet corn (also maize) 10 Jan, james (Australia - temperate climate)
How can you freeze sweetcorn if you grow a lot of them, instead of just giving it all away?
Sweet corn (also maize) 16 Jan, John (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I also just trim each end and freeze it, leaving the husks on the cobs before i bag them.
Sweet corn (also maize) 13 Jan, FRANK (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
James, I love sweetcorn and grow heaps.Used to blanch it and vacumn seal then freeze for up to 12 months, now I just freeze. Still beautiful and sweet and lasts all year.
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 09 Jan, (Australia - temperate climate)
How do you know when to pick capsicum?
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 16 Jan, John (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Pick them to eat when they are big enough! if you want an early feed. They are great stuffed and roasted when they are small. Green 'bell' capsicums will continue to mature and become yellow, orange or red. Longer capsicums will normally change to a bright yellow or red. It's mostly a personal thing. Trust this helps.
Potato 09 Jan, heather (Australia - temperate climate)
Could you kindly please advise me if seed potatoes can be planted up until the end of January, I know they recommend from August when danger of frost has passed but unsure whether January is still suitable. I thank you for your reply.
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