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Sunflower 24 Sep, Philip Rathbone (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Hi. Im getting Married in December and my Fiance wants bunches of Sunflowers for the day. I live in Germiston. Where can I buy Sunflowers
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 24 Sep, Sarah (Australia - temperate climate)
I have just planted zucchini and cucumber I'm in Perth and the snails are eating the seedlings before they are even given a chance to start growing I have beer traps and have put egg shells around the seedlings it hasn't stopped them does anyone have any other ideas?
Parsley (also curly leaf parsley or flat leaf (Italian) parsley) 24 Sep, Arthur (Australia - temperate climate)
When's the best time to sow seed into ground for a winter crop of parsley
Capsicum (also Bell peppers, Sweet peppers) 23 Sep, Romyna (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I am always very unssuceful in growing Capsicums in my garden the sun is very strong in summer 38d to 43 or more it kill many plants in the full sun. Do I need to grow the pepers plants in shady areas ?
Coriander (also Cilantro, Chinese parsley) 21 Sep, Hedia Paaka (New Zealand - temperate climate)
This is the first time I have started growing coriander, the seedlings are starting to pop up. Would you recommend coriander and parsley be grown in the same pot. Thanks.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 19 Sep, Trish (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi All. We have a very healthy cape gooseberry plant. Heaps of flowers and fruit and thriving on neglect to a certain degree (thank goodness for drip systems). I am in Brisbane and we are now getting something burrowing into the fruit. Never had issues previously and can't seem to see any grubs. Any ideas or assistance on dealing with these would be helpful. Thanks.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 23 Sep, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Try stuff for tomatoes. Look up organic sprays for tomatoes. Can only try.
Onion 19 Sep, mayoche (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
can I grow onion in rain seasons
Pak Choy (also Pak choi) 19 Sep, warwick (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
i can not seem to find the answer to the question and that is will this do ok in part shade
Pak Choy (also Pak choi) 23 Sep, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Position: Part or full sun, well drained soil
Pak Choy (also Pak choi) 22 Sep, Darren (Australia - temperate climate)
Going by your region, I would say possibly only in the summer months, depending on how much shade you mean. I live in a warm temperate region, and grow it in full sun, all year round.
Garlic 19 Sep, Fred (Australia - temperate climate)
If I harvest my garlic cloves in October can I store them til planting in April
Kohlrabi 18 Sep, gordon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
this is my first year growing kohlrabi, I love it, the flavor is different , but great, one thing though, ants love it to, they make holes into the plant, have to put ant dust or some thing on them, full of sugar. planted many new things this year, due to making more raised garden beds, red cabbage, Daikon, chard, Celeriac, red and brown onions, had a great season this year with snow and honey peas, many different lettuces this year great harvest, planted grafted apple tree, grafted peach and nectarine tree, nashi pears, grapes and passionfruit, why buy fruit and veg from the shop and not know how old it is or what they have done to it.
Kohlrabi 23 Sep, Lesley Hay (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi, I have just started my garden and as I prepared the soil I found ants everywhere, but I read somewhere that putting powdered cinnamon around the garden edge would stop the ants as they apparently don't like the sticky powder as it sticks to their legs. I did and it has worked so far. Have to retouch if I overwater the area, but I'm happier without green ant bites.... The joy of my garden is the growing and reaping the rewards of fresh veggies and herbs. Because I do sometimes wonder by the time we use all our fertilisers....I think the cost is a bit high...
Celeriac 18 Sep, Cynthia (USA - Zone 8b climate)
I peel and grate the celeriac in then sautee in a skillet for a replacement of potato hash browns.
Amaranth (also Love-lies-bleeding) 18 Sep, Andrew (USA - Zone 5a climate)
What types of amaranth grow in radford Virginia
Tomato 18 Sep, Irene kerford (Australia - temperate climate)
Beef steak does not have hardly any seed in them
Celeriac 18 Sep, John Hann (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
I have trouble with germination in seed trays.Any tips ? Much appreciated.Thanks P.S I have a hothouse
Rhubarb 17 Sep, Julie (Australia - temperate climate)
I have been growing one rhubarb crown in a pot for 12 months. The stalks are very thin but tasty. Just bought a much bigger pot & some compost to replant it into. Should I put the pot up on bricks like my lemon tree or just on the ground?
Rhubarb 23 Sep, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
In a pot it requires more care and attention. Good soil and a regular fertilizing to produce good stalks. I don't think it really matters if it is raised or not.
French tarragon 17 Sep, les dillon (Australia - tropical climate)
What are the medicinal benifits of tarragon,if any. Cheers
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) 16 Sep, shraban (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Which spp. of chilli pepper can grow in temperate season? & What are the chemical and pesticides that needs to it?
Strawberry Plants 16 Sep, Colin Hofmeier (Australia - tropical climate)
Would the tropical weather here be conducive to growing strawberry's
Potato 15 Sep, Heather (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Hi. I have never grown potatoes, I would like to try is it time now central north island, Jersey Bennie seem to be popular early potatoes? Heathet
Watermelon 14 Sep, william (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Were can I find watermelons in limpopo
Garlic 13 Sep, Saffron (Australia - temperate climate)
I have planted garlic 4 weeks ago I water them everyday, Prior to planting I seperate cloves, I'm wondering when they'll be ready ? It is getting into warmer weather here around 17-23 degrees everyday. Also the green leaves have become soft and are no longer upright they're so soft and floppy.
Garlic 14 Sep, Patrick (Australia - temperate climate)
I think Garlic takes a lot longer than 4 weeks to be ready (i think closer to 6 months)
Garlic 17 Sep, Tony (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
As the garlic profile says above, planting time was autumn. Pay attention to the saying: "Plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest".
Sunflower 13 Sep, Gary Barr (USA - Zone 12b climate)
I live in an area with typically 150 - 200 inches of rain (although not this year) and a temperature range of 55 - 85 - but mostly 60-75 degrees. Soil tends to be on the acidic side (volcanic soils) I'm interested in knowing if there are varieties of sunflowers that will grow in these conditions and also are good for honey production. Thanks
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 13 Sep, PETER B HART (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Please can anyone in your organisation assist and guide me. I live in Sydney Australia. I am looking for information on vegie plants and herbs. I have a lot of time as a retired person. I also have space to grow vegies. However for the last two years I have failed. Along the brustic fences I have prepared beds of 1.5 mtrs x 6 mtrs. Good super soil as called by the supplier, was put in to the beds for a depth of a foot. I also have my own compost bins and put in a lot of effort in mixing etc through the year. So this compost of 40 : 1 Brown and Gtreen matter, is also added. the plants start well and for all the effort i get about 3 cucumbers and other beans, Oakra, capsicums etc grow halfway and then die. Presently in spring they get partial sunlight, but not a lot of direct sunlight. Could the neighboring tree roots be responsible for this problem. I love my gardening and spend at least 4 hours or more a day. PLeeeeese can anyone help me or can I talk to someone. A Horticulturalist might help me. Thank you so much in anticipation. Warm regards Peter
Showing 1 - 30 of 11735 comments
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