Growing Tomatillo

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(Best months for growing Tomatillo in USA - Zone 5a regions)

S = Plant undercover in seed trays P = Sow seed

  • Easy to grow. Grow in seed trays, and plant out in 4-6 weeks. Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Best planted at soil temperatures between 70°F and 81°F. (Show °C/cm)
  • Space plants: 28 inches apart
  • Harvest in 10-14 weeks. Husk splits when fruit is ripe..
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Will happily grow in a flower border

Your comments and tips

11 May 18, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
You are in tomatillos and talking about tomatoes - confused. Put a cutting (2 or 3) in a jar of water and they should sprout roots in a week or so I believe. If tomatoes - take a slice of a good ripe one and laying it in some soil and cover it with some soil or potting mix. The seeds should germinate in a week or two.
06 Feb 18, Michael Williams (Australia - temperate climate)
I've been growing tomatillos for six years in inner suburban Melbourne. They went totally crazy this January, and I think this will be the best crop yet. Here's my blog entry from 2013 which includes a salsa verde recipe There are loads of recipes, since these are used extensively in Mexican cooking. Go nuts :-)
15 May 19, Janelle locke (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi I’m desperately looking to grow tomatillos do you know where I can get seeds or a cutting ? Thanks janelle
17 May 19, Patti (Australia - temperate climate)
We just chopped ours all down as the season in Adelaide is finishing. Planting guide is similar to tomato. Original seeds I got from Bunnings the “world seed collection” but have also got some online trying to find different varieties. This is a great plant, got 6 months productivity Cheers Patti
02 Dec 17, LEah (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi I’m in The Riverina nsw and I have just planted a couple tomatillo seedlings, hoping for the best, what area are you in? Any tips on growing them?
03 Dec 17, Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
Google "how to grow tomatillos" and read read read.
07 Nov 17, Patricia (Australia - temperate climate)
What a lovely idea! I’ve never grown them and about to plant some seeds-
07 Oct 17, Juanito Dela Cuestak (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Where can I buy tomatillo seedling or seeds in Melbourne. And, how to grow tomatillo plants here in Melbourne.
16 Nov 19, Jennifer S (Australia - temperate climate)
I found tomatillo seeds online, The Seed Collection. I am just about to plant out my seedlings, along with a few heirloom tomato varieties today. Its the first time I have tried to grow these in Canberra, so fingers crossed!
09 Feb 18, Michael Williams (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
New Gippsland Seeds in Silvan (near Lilydale) sell them Juanito. I suggest you go there and look at what else they have. I was very impressed. I have no affiliation with them, incidentally, just loved their enthusiasm and range of stock.
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