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08 Jun 23 Jen (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Hi I have many self seeded silverbeet the heirloom varieties all different colours that are growing too close together in one large HDPE Planter...Can I not dig them out and re plant now??? IF not all I can do is cut the leaves as greens to go into salad??
10 Jun 23 (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Plant out in the late afternoon. Water each day. Provide some shade if possible for a few days,
13 Jun 23 Cool Climate gardenerJen (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Thank you the two fellow gardeners that gave their tips re my seeded heriloom silverbeet seedlings... I had to smile when I read to shade the new transplants.. normally I agree BUT in winter in every bit of sun is being thanked!!! Now 11:00 fog only just lifting.... !!! But thank you as I have plenty I shall transplant some and maybe even some into pots to give away. Happy gardening... I am trying to convert reg gardeners to chem free / organic gardeners ... Thank you
13 Jun 23 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Re my advice to shade the plants. I reply to comments here for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and South Africa. Temps probably vary from 0 to 40+C degrees. Good luck with the organic gardening. I just left a volunteer garden place for health reasons and they were going/trying to go organic. Their crops this year so far, are very under nourished. I generally don't spray, use some compost, pigeon poo, worm juice and a bit of chem fertiliser if I need it. When transplanting - plant out when 4-8 leaf stage.
09 Jun 23 Sara (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I transplant silverbeet (rainbow chard) regularly. Some of my plants have been moved about 5 times and they always pop back up pretty quickly. Try to minimise root disturbance, but it's not essential - I have been very careless (snapped off roots, let them dry out for a couple of hours) and they survive, they just take a little bit longer to look happy again. Although I would not suggest being careless! If the plants are larger than seedlings it might be worth removing the large outer leaves before transplanting to reduce wilting.
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