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15 Jun 10 Michele - Tassy (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
My Nan used to stew rhubarb and while warm add a packet of jelly crystals (Port Wine is good) and stir until crystals dissolve. She would then pour the mix into a jelly mould and let setin the fridge. Turn out of mould and serve with cream/ice-cream/custard. The sweetness of the jelly offsets the tartness of the rhubarb. Very yummy. As an adult I realised it was the easiest compote you can make.
11 Aug 13 Lorraine Phillips (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
That sounds yummy, must try it..
12 Apr 13 shirley (Australia - temperate climate)
our rhubarb develops yellow spots which get bigger then the stems become soft and useless. it is in full sun and this has been a pretty warm year.
09 Mar 13 Kathy Knudsen (Australia - temperate climate)
All the leaves have died off the rhubarb just leaving a dark crown above the surface. Is this dormant or dead? They are in a pot. Will they reshoot this Autumn/ Winter or not .Thanks
12 Nov 12 David (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
It there a particular variety that is best for the Brisbane climate; and is it better to grow it in more shade in this area?
17 Sep 11 Moira (Australia - temperate climate)
what does one do when flower stalks appear, cut them off or leave them?
20 Sep 11 Jennifer Smith (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
If you leave them on and they go to seed, would you consider posting me some?
11 Mar 11 Di Brehaut (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I am interested in using terracotta rhubarb forcers or cloches in cultivating my rhubarb. I have not been able to find an Australian manufacturer or importer, though there are several manufacturers in China. The UK ones look to be very expensive. Any onformation? Thank you Dianne, Blue Mountains
03 Jun 18 Christine (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
Yes I too am after a rhubarb forcer. They are very expensive.
04 Jun 18 Liz (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
You could try the old idea of using an upside down terracotta pot over the crown or try some of the ideas here
11 Sep 10 Susan Lavenau (USA - Zone 10a climate)
How long can you cut Rhubarb in the Northern Nevada area? My brother in law says not to cut after August. Is that correct?
27 Mar 11 Bea (Australia - temperate climate)
I am from Germany, we use to harvest Rhubarb only in Spring (21.March-20. June)after that Rhubarb will develop to much oxalic acid.We also have the saying < you can harvest the Rhubarb only during Strawberry Time> because of that
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