Growing Potato

Solanum tuberosum : Solanaceae / the nightshade family

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(Best months for growing Potato in Canada - Zone 4b Temperate Warm Summer regions)

  • P = Plant seed potatoes
  • Plant tuber. Best planted at soil temperatures between 50°F and 86°F. (Show °C/cm)
  • Space plants: 12 - 16 inches apart
  • Harvest in 15-20 weeks. Dig carefully, avoid damaging the potatoes.
  • Compatible with (can grow beside): Peas, Beans, Brassicas, Sweetcorn, Broad Beans, Nasturtiums, Marigolds
  • Avoid growing close to: Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Rosemary

Your comments and tips

13 Jun 22, Deb (USA - Zone 10a climate)
How late can you start growing potato’s? My first batch was planted March 20 but plants are already wilting back and I was wondering if I could plant more in June?
16 Jul 22, dz (USA - Zone 10a climate)
I live in Zone 10A and have been growing russet and golden potatoes in grow bags and large containers here for about three years, and I notice I can plant them year-round and they will grow, just slower in winter, and if we get an occasional frost, it may kill the top, and when temps hit around 100 or hotter the potato tops may die off also. No matter what time of year, my potatoes often grow for a few months and then the tops start to die off no matter the season or conditions, but I don't know why, so when that happens, I'll reduce the watering for a couple weeks and then harvest. I try to do "succession" planting, so I always have some potatoes growing, and am still experimenting with what works best, especially trying to learn more about correct watering for the Zone 10A conditions. I do have better success, producing more and larger potatoes, with 10-20 gallon and larger containers than the 7-gallon fabric grow bags.
17 Jun 22, Anonymous (USA - Zone 10a climate)
Check the planting times for your zone.
13 May 22, Kathy Blackburn (USA - Zone 7b climate)
What sweet potato is good for zone 7b Long Island NY
18 May 22, anonymous (USA - Zone 7b climate)
Probably any.
27 Apr 22, Lynne Mortensen (Australia - temperate climate)
I have had some sprouting potatoes given to me. Can I plant them now? If not, will they keep to August?
02 May 22, (Australia - temperate climate)
Yes plant them now.
25 Apr 22, Tania Santamaria (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, can you advise on a first early potato to plant. I can only seem to find mid or late varieties when I goggle. Thanks. I am moving to NSW Bega valley area in June.
26 Apr 22, Anonymous (Australia - temperate climate)
Your planting guide is Aug to Oct so I don't really see the point in an early variety. Planting is about soil temperature and after the likelyhood of frosts.
23 Apr 22, Dionne Dixon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I have to say that potatoes also grow amazingly well with parsley. They seem to be great companions.
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I have had some sprouting potatoes given to me. Can I plant them now? If not, will they keep to August?

- Lynne Mortensen

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