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04 Sep 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Jane - blossom end rot, use 1-2 teaspoon of Epsom salts in 8-9l of water and apply to the soil. The yellow fruit - have they been pollinated and starting to grow the marrow. If the female flower of marrows, cuies, melons, pumpkin are not pollinated the little fruit will turn a different colour and shrivel up and die. The white spots could be a fungi or disease from damp conditions. Water in the morning so the plants and fruit dry out quick.
05 Sep 18 Jane (Australia - temperate climate)
Mike - my apology. I don't know how I missed your reply post. Re: The small yellow fruit that came off was the beginning of a marrow (I think?).On second thought - upon rereading your post, I have just realised that small,bulbous-like 'fruit' was a female plant and that, as you point out, it was not pollinated! Aha! A light comes on. So yes, that's what happened. What a vast difference between knowing and learning. We are on tight water restrictions (fortunate to have a drop of water!). I was using tank water in the afternoon although I have stopped the late afternoon watering.The leaves have improved 99% and marrows are forming which is so exciting. My one concern, perhaps, is that they might be adversely affected if they grow on the ground i.e. the ground resting side might soft,go brown and invite bugs/rot or something when they (prayerfully) reach that stage. Not sure what to do to help them.Watching them. When I water in the mornings should I water the foliage or just the ground? And will it be better to use sugar cane mulch? I am using dry leaves and grass cuttings (from when drought had not hit so hard). Thankyou for your post.Appreciated.
07 Sep 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Do you have bees in your yard. If not read up about hand pollinating. Most of these vine crops have male and female flowers on the one plant. Put some mulch under the marrow if you are worried. Any thing will do. But marrow zucchini grow so quick you shouldn't have to worry. As much as possible water the soil. By watering in the morning the wind and sun will dry plants quickly.
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