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04 Dec 18 Dale (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hello Mike Just wanting to know the names of a couple of local (QLD / sub tropical) organic seed companies to buy from. I bought one lot of seeds from Green Harvest, but some are not producing .( it happens hey) I must say it has been such a dry and extremely hot spring and these 35 plus days are a real struggle for all the veggies. I even bought a couple of cheap tarps to give some plants a little shade.... I remember in past posts you mentioned a couple of companies. Also I would like to grow organicncorn,but I didn't see it on the A to Z growing list..are they all GMO now? Your help would be much appreciated. Regards Dale
05 Dec 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I'm not sure but I think GMO seed is really only sold to commercial growers. A lot of seed we buy is either heirloom or hybrid (a cross of two or more varieties). Someone can correct me on this but I think organic food is more about how you grow it - no chemical sprays or chemical fertilisers. Just had a look - Eden seeds sell organic seeds - probably cost a lot more though. Phone them if you like.
05 Dec 18 Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Dale I don't know any organic seed selling companies. I really only started planting a lot of things by seed the last 2 years. I use to buy a lot of seedlings - lettuce, cabbage, corn, celery, broccoli etc. It was only last year I decided to grow more from seed. It can be very hit or miss trying to germinate small seeds. I built a small green house at the back of my shed and installed a water spray line to germinate some seeds - small seeds are easily displaced by big droplets of water. Germination rates vary so much but a lot has to do with how we manage watering etc as they germinate. I buy most of my seeds from Boondie seeds in Armidale NSW. Email her and see what she can tell you. I like her
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